The end of Hello Harriet
closing down sale illustration

Alas, it is true! I have decided to close Hello Harriet. This year hasn't been all that kind to me so I have decided to take a step back from my business to give myself some space to heal. 

Although I've discussed this a little bit over on Instagram I realise not everyone will have seen that, so thought it best to record it here too. I have been struggling for the past year or so (maybe even longer) with depression and in January this year my 12 year relationship with my partner came to an end. In the space of about a week I had to move away from my lovely flat in Bath back to my hometown in the midlands. There have been a lot of changes and a lot of things to get used to. As much as I love running my online shop I have felt totally overwhelmed by it all. My ex was a big inspiration to me setting up my business and we supported each other growing over the years, starting out in the spare bedroom at my parents house I never really expected or planned for this to be my full time job but I was so happy and grateful that that is what it became. As much as I have tried to push past it in the last few months it's become clear to me that Hello Harriet is a huge aspect of my 'old life' and it has been very difficult to move on. It's been heartbreaking to try and work on something which continually reminds me of what I used to have, and so I feel it is best to leave it in the past and move on to something different. When I made the decision to close it felt as though a huge weight of responsibility was lifted so I know I am making the right decision for myself (even though I have procrastinated over making this post because I didn't want to believe it was true).

I guess one thing  I've learnt from all this is that you should never say never, so who knows if I will ever come back to making products again. It is something I really enjoy so maybe in time I will but for now it is time to close this chapter. However I don't want to make any promises so I can't say if any of my products will be available from me again so I wanted to give you all the chance to shop any last items you wanted in my closing down sale ... and if you've missed out on something be sure to check out my stockists page as they have limited qtys of HH goodies on available (while stocks last!) 

I hope this post offers some explanation and I apologise for this being out of the blue for some of you just finding out and probably not very well organised (why start now, ey? haha) but I also want to send out a huge thank you to each and every one of you who have supported me and my little business over the years, and to everyone who has reached out and offered condolences since I announced I was closing HH. From the bottom of my heart I am so so grateful to you. 

Because I don't want to disappear off the face of the earth completely I have set up a new instagram account so if you would like to follow what I'm up to next you can find me at @halfheartedclub  

Peace out x 

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Last order dates for Christmas!
last order dates for christmas 2017

Oh wait, what! It's Christmas already? Well that really crept up on me. If you're ordering for gifts (and prone to leaving things to the last minute) you'll need to make sure you checkout in time so here are my last order dates to bear in mind! 

As always your orders will be lovingly wrapped by me, myself and I and then carefully handed over to Royal Mail for delivery via standard 1st Class or Airmail. These dates are based on Royal Mail's recommendations and also account for me being away at markets throughout December. If you order by these dates based on your location you should be good to go! 

30 November - Africa, Middle East

5th December - Cyprus, Malta, Asia, Far East, Eastern Europe (except Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia) Caribbean, Central and South America, Greece, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand

13 December - Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Austria, Denmark, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland
Switzerland, Canada, Finland, Sweden, USA, 

20th December - UK 

Please note this excludes custom portraits, advent calendars and phone cases. 

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Let The Good Boys Know - Pre Orders are open!
cute dog tote bag.jpg

I wanted to let you know that you can soon get back to telling every dog you meet just how special they are as our tote bags will soon be back in stock! 

Thank you for all your messages asking about these, they sold out so quick it makes me happy knowing you're spreading joy to all doggos out there. I'll slowly start adding pre-orders to other sold out items like the Can U Not collar tags and the Doge enamel pin sets as I know some of you are thinking about the *C* word already! 

If you'd like to grab yourself a pink tote bag of dreams you can do so here, just remember it won't ship out til early November. okay thanks byeee. 

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Win A Custom Pet Portrait!

To Enter :

On Instagram

  • Follow @_helloharriet
  • Either repost the giveaway image with the hashtag #HHdrawmypet or upload a photo of your fur bae with the hashtag
  • Optional extra entry - tag friends in the comment of my original giveaway post

On Twitter

  • Follow @_helloharriet
  • Either retweet the giveaway image with the hashtag #HHdrawmypet or upload a photo of your fur bae with the hashtag 

On Facebook 

  • Like the Hello Harriet Facebook page
  • Share the giveaway image on your wall
  • Optional extra entry - post a photo of your pet on the HH Facebook wall with the hashtag #HHdrawmypet 

Open worldwide
(pet does not have to be fury to qualify, all animals are beautiful)
Accounts used solely to enter giveaways will not be counted in the draw
Entries accepted via Instagram, Twitter & Facebook
Giveaway closes Midnight 27.08.2017

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How to keep house cats cool in hot weather
keeping cats cool ©helloharriet2015

wowwww it’s nice and warm here in the UK right now isn’t it … maybe a little too warm!? Whilst I’ve been taking full advantage of sundresses, ice creams and picnics at the park I’ve been feeling more than a little sorry for my bundles of fluff sweating it out at home. 

We’re not great at coping with these unexpected heatwaves ourselves, so I can only imagine how awful it must be for our poor cats. Being house cats I feel extra bad for them not being able to lounge outside in the shade and enjoy a nice breeze, so it’s up to me to try and make them as comfortable as possible in the heat. 

Here’s how we’ve been making the hot weather a little more bearable for them. 

Save Play Time For Later.
Would you want to exercise in the blazing sun? nah thanks. Postpone your play sessions til the sun’s gone down to prevent your kitty getting overheated from running around in the heat of the day.

Open Those Windows.
Flat cats window covers have the answer here. If you excuse their retro website these guys make great screens for your windows that allow you to open your windows without worrying your cat will make a break for it! They let the cool air in, keep the bugs out and keep your kitties safe. 

Cool Mats
These clever things stay cool and get cooler the more you stand, sit or lie on them. Tho I must admit I have been using these myself more than the cats. Another alternative is to fill a hot water bottle with cold water and pop it under their fave bed to help turn the temperature down a little. 

Ice Ice Baby
Obviously it goes without saying that you must make sure there is plenty of fresh water available at all times but on hot days you can make it a little more fancy by adding some ice cubes. Meeko & Yoshi are thoroughly confused by ice. They're mesmerised when we put ice cubes in their water fountain and enjoy having a little play with them whilst they melt, with the added bonus of getting a nice cool drink afterwards!
Better yet, make them an ice ball - I’ll be trying this ASAP! 

Eat An Ice Pop
If your fur bae isn't into just plain iced water try freezing some tinned tuna or cat gravy in your ice cube tray instead for some seriously cool treats! 

Close Your Curtains
Sure it’s lovely for you to enjoy the summer sun beaming through your windows all day, but it’s basically turning your home into a mini oven for your fur baes. Close your curtains/blinds especially during the hottest part of the day or when the sun is shining directly through your windows. 

A Cold Shower
Ok not literally - I’m yet to meet a cat who would appreciate that, and neither would I tbh. When it’s getting extra warms give them the next best thing by soaking a flannel in cold water and stroking it over their coats, like this! 

Give them a haircut
I think my two would disown me forever if I attempted this but if you have a very long haired floofer it could help to give them a trim. Speak to your vet for advice if you’re unsure. 

Voting when you know NOTHING about politics

I have definitely been that person who thought politics wasn’t for them - it was too complicated and it always had me feeling like I was wading in at the deep end. Like I had to ‘catch up’ with everything before I could understand even the basics and tbh it felt like too much hard work. 

If ever I found myself in conversations discussing current events it always seemed to involve some mad fanatic who knew all the names of every politician, their policies and what they ate for breakfast. I felt stupid for even trying to get involved with my lacking knowledge. 

Politics has never been much of a talking point for me or my family when I was growing up, and I’ve spent a lot of time around people who believe their vote ‘doesn’t matter’, ‘who know nothing about politics’ and feel ‘it’s too complicated'. It’s easy to see how these ideas rub off. I have been guilty of feeling like this. And when you’re faced with having to make decisions about things that are way bigger and more important than your tiny self it’s easy to shrug your shoulders and decide to sit this one out. 
Despite this I have always voted whenever I could.  

Even if you feel like you have no idea what is going on, the reality is politics affects literally everything.

From your tuition fees, to your job opportunities (or how much support you get if you can’t find one.) If you’ll be able to afford to buy a house, or even how much your landlord can charge for rent. Politics decides everything from your human rights, whether or not companies can test on animals, to how much your clothes cost. It’s likely you'll have some opinion on at least one of these matters and that just goes to show that you should start taking some interest and register to vote

You don’t have to know it all. Believe me, I still don’t know very much but I’m hoping I can convince you that it’s easy to find out enough information to feel like you can have an opinion, a voice, and vote! 

I can’t name all the party leaders or say for definite what they stand for but I’ve taken a few steps over the years to ease myself into politics a little more so that I feel like I have a tiny bit more of an understanding about wtf is going on.

The great thing is, you don’t even need to worry about who you’re going to vote for right now. That’s something you can decide later, but there are only a few days left to register to vote so that you have the choice to do so on 8th June. 

You've totally got loads of time to figure things out before then so I thought I would out bust counter arguments to your excuses right now!


But it’s all too overwhelming, I don't know what's going on. 

When you feel like you have no idea where to start, it helps if you know your stand points on issues from the beginning. Make an effort to pop BBC news on when you're having your breakfast, listen to what’s going on in the world and ask yourself how you feel about the stuff you see. Do you agree with what’s going on? Or would you like it to change? Once you start to know how you feel about certain issues it will be easier to see which parties also share similar views to you. 

You’ll probably surprise yourself and find that you’ll come across issues you’re already passionate about but maybe didn’t link that you voting can influence outcomes for causes you believe in. 


But politics is boring. 

If you think politics is boring, Umm I beg you to tune in to Question Time and watch someone forget the question they waited all evening to ask (u had one job m8). I would always dismiss shows like this as being ‘boring’ but actually I was totally wrong. And because the audience is made up of ordinary people from the general public it’s a whole lot more relatable to watch than Prime Minister’s Questions (yawn).

If you still find it boring, well I hate to break it to you but you gotta do some boring stuff when you’re an adult, it’s a fact of life. But also, there are dogs at polling stations, so y’know swings and roundabouts.

 photo via @hugothelad (lads lads lads) 

photo via @hugothelad (lads lads lads) 

But I don’t like debating. 

Take the conversation into your own hands and bring up the subject yourself. Ask your friends and family their views, but don’t feel like you have to get in to a debate about anything. I hate confrontation and the thought of it makes me want to curl up and die a tiny bit. I much prefer to listen to people’s views and let them soak in, before forming an opinion on a subject. Once you’ve decided how you feel about that subject you might feel like you can offer more to the discussion next time it comes up. But no pressure if not. 

Remember, anybody who purposefully makes you feel stupid for asking a question or not knowing something is an idiot themselves. And you can bet your ass that it’s those people (whose views you probably don’t agree with) that are making sure they head out at every election to cast their vote. 


My vote won’t make a difference. 

After the vote for Brexit how many interviews were there with people who ‘thought their vote wouldn’t make a difference’ but actually their votes combined have now left us in the shit. In short, your voice matters, so use it. 

Pro tip - If ever you have a moment where you think your actions won’t make a difference - be it voting, choosing to recycle, or eating less meat - think about the results if 100 people thought/did the same as you. If 100 people did that thing you’re holding off from doing, it will obvs make a difference. What about 1000? 10,000? You get my point? You do make a difference. 

One thing I’ve learnt massively is that you cannot, under no circumstances, trust your twitter feed to reflect the thoughts of the whole nation. On too many occasions I've gone to bed so optimistic thinking we were all going to be fine - only to wake up on results day to find it was all a lie. It makes sense, on the most part the people we follow on social media are similar to ourselves, we follow them because we like what they’re saying. We create our own bubble, an echo chamber and whilst we’re all RTing and feeling smug that we’re all on the same page it’s easy to forget there people out there who think VERY differently to you, me, us! 


Even if you have no idea who to vote for right now, it’s so important to give yourself the chance to vote when the time comes. If you can’t vote then you definitely 100% take away your right to moan about anything in the future. (And are you even British if you don’t moan?)


But I don’t like any of the candidates. 

You don’t have to tbh. It’s not that one person who decides everything, it’s the party as a whole. And probably even other people who I don’t even know about … did I mention I don’t know much about politics? One thing I hate is how voting is made out to be some sort of popularity contest for the front (wo)men of the parties. It’s important to remember that that person is backed by a party of loads of other people and they make decisions together. So try not to pay attention to all the media X about any one person. It’s policies that matter, and thankfully there are handy online quizzes like this that show you which parties align best with your views. EASY. PEASY. 

I promise you, it doesn’t matter if feel like you know nothing about politics. At the moment you just need to register to vote because you only have til Monday 22nd to do it! 

If the times comes in June and you still feel like you still have no fucking clue then get yourself down to the polling station and strike through your entire ballot and it will count as a vote for ‘none of the above’. If you really feel like none of the parties stand up for what you believe in, this will send more of a message than doing absolutely nothing. 

It doesn’t matter if you know absolutely nothing about politics, just register to vote here before 22nd May. 

How to help small businesses with your blog
blogger post.jpg

Everyone wants something for free. 
I get it. I’m totally the same. Especially nowadays when everyone and their dog is being gifted clothes, gifts and holidays for the promise of a share on Instagram. Umm, I’m ready for my trip to the Maldives, pls? As a small independent biz we love a collab! We don’t have huge media budgets … hell, most of the time there literally is NO budget, which means we generally can't pay to work with bloggers & influencers. When someone offers to promote our products and content for free we are so so grateful. We have been very lucky to work with a small handful of our fave Instababes and are truly thankful for the time and effort they’ve put in to our posts. 

The problem is we get *so* many people emailing us asking for free stuff, it’s just simply not possible for us to collab with everyone, as much as we’d love to. On this note I thought it would be helpful to give you some ideas for easy ways to support your fave indie brands when we sadly have to decline your invite for a collab. 

Share our product photos
Sure, we love to see how you guys style our pieces in your own photos but there’s nothing stopping you from using our photos from our websites or Insta in your blog posts or social media to shout about our brand. Great posts to include these in would be wish lists or gift guides.

RT our tweets
I love twitter. If you follow us you’ll see that in between the memes and RTs we often share tweets with links to our products & lookbooks, invites to our newsletter & events we’ll be going to etc. A lil RT of any of these from you can go a long way, a good twitter feed is all about sharing the love. 

Word of mouth
Okay so obvs your blog & insta posts are one way of reaching loads of people, but have you made sure you let your friends and fam know IRL how much you love that little etsy shop, that indie brand, this cute website? Coz you know they’ll be looking to get you gifts at some point so you if tell them about us you might be unwrapping a little HH treat soon, just sayin. 

Comment on our IG posts
We’re loving the new algorithm as much as you (rolls eyes) we all know the best way to be seen is through genuine engagement and comments. We’ve definitely been taking more time to comment and interact with our fave accounts recently. So instead of just hearting that pic how about you leave a comment too. I’m literally no Insta expert but after 'the great bot scandal of 2017’ I’m pretty sure everyone’s checking their ‘following notifications’ nowadays which is where your followers can see what posts you like & the comments you leave. Leaving a comment on our posts will show up there and means your nosey followers could find our account without you even having to share anything on your own feed. 
Bonus tip - We’re more likely to work with you if we see you interacting with us on the reg, rather than if you send us an email out of the blue asking for free stuff. Gotta get them tactics babe.

Get involved on Facebook
If you’ve bought from us in the past or just really love our website you could leave a review on our FB page, whilst this is no benefit to you I'm just slipping this one in here as we’d like you a whole lot if you did. When small businesses grow their budgets for collabs grow too! 

Visit us at markets
Events and markets are great ~for content~ You could totally make a day out of it, filming stalls and the goings on for Instastories or your vlog. Most markets have workshops you can attend too which are always fun! You might find some new indie faves and these events can’t survive if no one attends. Plus if you end up coming away with a bunch of new stuff (v. likely) hauls make great content too, just sayin. Wins all round! 

Slide in to our DMs
Sometimes it’s just nice to know someone out there likes you and gets what you’re doing. It can be tough running your own biz so when a sweet lil DM pops up in our notifications from someone telling us how much they love our work it can really brighten our day. Little things like this encourage us to keep working and making more stuff. Random acts of kindness yo, that karma will come back round.  

Actually Buying!
Just throwing this one out there coz you probably know the very best way you can support a small business is by buying the products you want to feature in your blog posts. And we’ll love you forever if you do. 

How to find yourself some biz besties

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in the 5 years doing HH full time, it’s how isolating running your own business can be. It’s hard for other people with their ‘normal’ jobs to understand why you do what you do. When they think you spend all morning sleeping in, work for 3 hours then spend a leisurely afternoon relaxing into the evening. Because working for yourself is easy, right? Doing art all day is fun, right? RIGHT? What could possibly be stressful about that. 
I think running a creative business is particularly hard work and can put tremendous strain on you. Everyday you are putting yourself out there to be judged. When you create something you love and then try to sell it, you are asking people to confirm what you’re doing is worthy. Your fate is up to them. And quite frankly, some days can be really miserable because of it. But you know what I’ve found to be the best cure for that horrible "I’m no good, let’s give up now" feeling?

Business besties. 

I feel so so lucky to have found some really awesome friends who totally ‘get it’.

It’s so important to surround yourself with a supportive network of people who understand what you do. A group of cheerleaders who have your back when you get an awkward customer, to remind you it’s not the end of the world when your supplier messes up again, to confirm you’re not crazy for obsessing over your Instagram feed and to let you know you’re on the right track or help you get back on if you lose your way. 

What also comes from having a solid team of business babes around you is the constant feeling of awe and inspiration. I can honestly say I feel so proud every time we chat about their next new project or what they’re working on. It is such an honour to see their hard work come to life. To literally watch their labor of love from start to finish for a new product launch, or see them putting that new plan in to action, or to be totally bossing it on Instagram. It is a wonderful thing to be part of a group who are genuinely gunning for each others success. It gives me a whole new appreciation for the job I do and reminds me there is space here for us all. No you’re crying. 

I can see you nodding. That all sounds great but HOW do I find them? 

Well I’m glad you asked. 

  • First of all you gotta do some stalking. Get on the internet and find people whose work you love, whose ethos you admire and people who you think are pretty cool. 
  • Next get to commenting. Make an effort to comment on their blog posts, RT their tweets, go wild and DM them about their IG stories. Hopefully they’ll soon start to notice you too are pretty cool. 
  • Add them all to a group chat on Instagram where you can discuss biz things and share cute cat photos. Mustn’t forget the cat photos. Naturally things will begin to escalate in the group and you’ll be chatting business, life and learning lots about each other. 
  • Realise that Instagram DMs are the worst way to have a group chat, the app is so laggy and slow. Suggest the switch to a Whatapps group and to save the IG DMs for important cat photos. 
  • Don’t be shy about asking for feedback on your projects and give away your advice freely, even if you feel you don’t have much to give it will always be helpful. Everyone needs someone to listen. 
  • Invite them to a real life meet up! Now that you’re all reasonably confident none of you are serial killers now is a good time to pose the question of meeting up IRL. Maybe head down to a makers market or a workshop for a in inspiration session. 
  • Hopefully the meet up went really well? Yay! How about suggesting a regular face to face with everyone via google hangouts? You could have weekly meetings to set out your intentions for the week ahead and keep each other accountable, celebrate wins and brainstorm ideas.  
  • If you get to this point you no longer need my help tbh, congrats on finding your own business besties! 

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Top 9 First Rate Floofers You Need To Follow On Instagram

As you know we're all about the cutes at HH, and our Instagram following list is no exception.
There is nothing that give us the feels more than seeing so many fur babies pop up on our timeline, and double tapping them all of course. Pet accounts are the ultimate declaration of how much you love your lil fur bae. A dedication to their precious face, a celebration of their unique character and let's face it, a gift to us all. 

Here are our top 9 favourite floofers on Instagram that you need to go and follow right now. 



LOOK AT HIS HEAD! Rescue kitty Stanley is the fur baby of mega babe illustrator and ceramicist Emma Carlisle, and the inspiration behind many of her creations ... can u blame her? Follow him for daily updates on his naps and the occasional appearance of his BSH sister #rubythechocolatepig



So smol. One of our new faves, Gimli is a very good boy. He's been a little bit poorly recently but we hear he's feeling much better now.  Sometimes seen with his cat sister, Rose who is also very cute. Would like to pet them both. 



FLOOF! Yoshi is an instagram baby, shiny and new and literally the cutest pupper we've seen! Pomeranian / Chihuahua mix seems like the perfect combination if you ask me. We can't wait to see more of this little lady and watch her grow up ... but not too much pls. 



 IS THIS REAL LIFE? A prime example of a 1st rate floofer, likes to steal your seat, coat of dreams. What more do you need? 



Our new Best Bae, you might recognise Ryo from our latest lookbook. This 3 year old Shibe from London is our new fave Doge. Very selfie. Much hashtag. So wow. 



I CAN'T EVEN. nope. Nood the dude. Come ON! What a name, lives with blogger mom Jojotastic in a v. stylish home. Often has cute friends. Follow for hilariously short legs.



Meeko's doppelgänger and the sassiest BSH we know, Margot Makes her emotions known and is the epitome of 'Can U Not'. Also has a Twitter. 



UGH. So cute. 12/10 for squishiness and neck rolls, this lil meatball is livin the pug life in Madrid. Enjoys eating shoes and following his mum around. 



Not one but THREE fur babes right here : Mainly pics of Barneby the Frenchie but often features his ridiculously fluffy Chow siblings, Tofur & Molly for floof and squish combined. We would like apply to join their gang. 

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How To Stay Chill Around Doggos

It's happened to us all. You’re walking down the street/getting on a bus/sitting in the park (ok, maybe not in this weather, brr) anyway you’re generally minding your own business when all of a sudden wandering over towards you is your dream bae. 
A perfectly fluffy, happy looking pup. 
Wuuuuut! Omg. 
You feel the chill of excitment rush over you and you try to hold back an over enthusiastic squeal as you start to freak out.

Social expectations have conditioned us to feel awkward for screaming ‘OMG SO CUTE’ the moment we catch sight of a dog but really it’s the only logical reaction. And totally 110% natural. It’s hard to keep your calm in such a emotional situation but we’ve got some steps you can take to hopefully make you look a little less crazy. 

First of all remember to breathe. And smile. You can’t look crazy if you smile. Okay, maybe smile a bit less than that. 

Try not to run directly towards the floofer. It's tempting to sprint full speed ahead, arms spread in the little pupper’s direction but this can be a little intimidating. Watch for traffic if you need to cross the street. 

We all know you’re excited to meet him, but try not to ask 100 questions immediately after each other. Give him time to answer. 

free hugs.jpg

If the opposite happens and you’re totally starstruck (understandable given the situation) try not to be overwhelmed, remember dogs are people too. 
Say hi, ask their human if it's ok to offer to shake their paw and introduce yourself. V important as you wouldn't want to be giving them a frighten by diving right in. Here are some good entry level questions : Who’s a good boy? Why you so cute? Omg look at your ears (technically a compliment, not a question) What’s your name? Remember to wait for a response. 
Speaking to their human is optional, usually just a 'hello' will suffice. Don’t worry they’re used to it. 

Remember to keep breathing. 

If you’ve made it this far and managed to keep your chill, congratulations. You’ve done better than most. Now might be time to offer your hand out to the doggo for a stroke. Don’t be worried about rejection, all dogs love a scratch behind the ear, a pat on the back, a rub on the belly. 

Try not to cry. We know it’s a perfect moment and maybe you won’t ever experience happiness like this again but force yourself to hold back the tears. At least til after they’ve gone. 

Photos taken from our brand new Free Hugs Lookbook. Thank you Ryo & Winston for being such good boys whilst we totally lost our chill.

Photo Credit : Rachel Oates. Models : Ryo, Winston & Chariza. Collars by Lurril. Collar Tags by Hello Harriet

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3 (Selfish) Reasons You Should Shop Small This Christmas

I don't know about you but when I'm buying gifts I like the experience to be as stress free as possible and I never want to be left with that horrible worry of 'will they like it tho'. Some of the best and, more importantly, most well received presents I've given have been ones I've bought from independent brands and makers. 
We've heard the list of why shopping independent helps the economy, supports the families of makers and doesn't line the pockets of huge fat cat bosses blah blah, which obvs are all great points and very true but I wanted to share some of the (totally selfish) reasons why I will be shopping small this Christmas (and why you should too).


  • It looks like you've made LOADS of effort ... I mean, technically you have. it's not like you just nipped down to Tesco and bought the first thing on the shelf. But makers make it so frickin easy to choose the best, unique, super special gifts which will make your friends and family think you've hunted for days (maybe even weeks) to find. 
    Every maker and their dog has an online shop / website / Instagram just waiting to be found. Search some hashtags from the comfort of your sofa! (Here are some to start you off 1,2,3) There is also an extensive list of independent shops and ethical brands here. And if that's even too much effort you just need to look on Etsy to find literally TONS of incredible gifts. 
    Sometimes us makers even gather together for markets where you can shop IRL from a whole bunch of us at once and make a total day of it, we're making it really easy for you guys. 
    ... And when you find your favourite makers & small brands follow them online and join their mailing lists so you can keep up to date and be ahead of the gift buying game. 
  • You get great service so less stress for you! When you buy from an independent brand or maker they really *really* want you to love that thing you've just bought. (We're v needy and like to know you dig what we make). There's nothing worse than your online purchase arriving, only to be disappointed as it's not quite what you expected. The great thing about shopping small is that you're generally dealing with the actual human being who made/designed that brilliant gift you're about to buy ... not just a customer service rep who's got a script to follow. So if you have a question or aren't sure about something, you can literally just ask them. Crazy right! They'll make, package and send it with care, so no bad surprises or awkward returns for you to deal with. 
  • It means you'll get better gifts in return ... hear me out for a second here. I know this sounds super selfish, but the best thing about Christmas is getting presents (don't lie, we all know it's true). Quite simply the better you give the better you get. Showing your friends and fam your gift giving skills will give them the guilts for gifting you another pair of socks. Got a list of items you're wishing for? Make your own gift guide featuring your fave makers on Pinterest and start dropping those hints!

If you'd like to indulge in some selfish Christmas shopping check out our events page on FB and RSVP or shop online right here!