Settling in


Oh gosh, sorry for my absence ~ we've been busy having a whole load of fun in our new home! 

It's so lovely to finally be in a place and know we're not going anywhere for a *long* while. Since leaving university in 2008 it's almost felt like I've been in limbo, always been on the cusp of moving, always using the excuse 'we won't be here for long'.

But now we have a place we can call home. 

There are a few boxes that we're yet to unpack. Our bedroom is kind of make shift at the moment, and I'm waiting for my shiny new desk for the studio, we have some painting to do and lots of furniture to find. But it is perfect. I'm so happy!  

We've been getting to know our new city, taking full advantage of the farmers markets and even managed to fit in a little bike ride into the surrounding countryside where we picked the last of this years blackberries {don't worry we left some for the birds and bugs, despite how it looks!} 

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