Renegade {Roundup}


OHMEOHMY has it really been a week since Renegade? Now that I've had some time to recover I thought it was about time I wrote a little round up of my experience ...

The weekend was kind of a blur, which was accentuated by lack of sleep the week prior, and wasn't helped by the monster cold I developed on Friday. Gosh my nose was red! Despite this, I had the best time. Literally. SO GOOD. 

A big massive THANK YOU to everyone who made it over to say Hi, and to everyone who bought things from my stall over the weekend, you're awesome and make all of this so worthwhile. ♥


When I found out I'd secured a place at Renegade, I really didn't know what to expect. Thankfully lots of people had advice going spare and I was coached by the lovely Sophie about how much stock to make/take etc etc ... THANKS SOPHIE! 
I knew it was going to be busy, but I didn't realise quite HOW busy. It was non stop. I didn't make it out from behind my stall all weekend {which I was actually a bit bummed about as I missed out on having a look round and meeting some sellers I was hoping to say hi to... boo!} 
If you have been umming and ahhing about whether or not to apply next year, my advice? DO IT. 
My previous experiences of selling at craft fairs has been on a *very* small scale, and in all honesty, RUBBISH. They've been very few and far between, and generally held in local churches or community halls -not exactly my target market. This meant I would often come home feeling deflated from zero sales ... I'm SO happy I didn't let this put me off applying for Renegade. I'll definitely be applying again next year. Fingers crossed they'll have me back!


Some hints and tips I learnt :

~ Start preparing as soon as you can! I cleverly timed moving house with when I should have been prepping *note the sarcasm*. Which resulted in a lot of rushing and minimal sleep the week before the fair. Not good. 

~ Remember, your online best seller might not be the same as be your craft fair best seller. So take a variety of stock and plenty of it. 

~ Take a helper! You'll need them for taking photos, getting you food and drink, manning your stall when you want to look round/go to the loo, restocking the stall if you're too busy with customers, helping you load/unload the car, being a general dogsbody. Luke was my hero on Saturday, helping with customers, packing extra packs of tattoos, getting us lunch, the list goes on ♡ THANK YOU LUKE! .. We missed you on Sunday!


~ If you can wear your work - DO! Show it off as much as possible! I made sure Rachel and I were wearing my nail transfers and I had Luke cover his arms in tattoos. It really helped the customers as they could see the product in action! It also makes for a great excuse to spark up conversation, if like me you're not so good at that.

 Thanks for the photo Rachel ! {}

Thanks for the photo Rachel ! {}

~ Accept card payments. Rachel and I went halves on a Payleven, and it was SO worth it. Everyone felt dead high-tech using this fancy little device for their purchases, it really encouraged people to buy as they could save their change for other cash only stalls. Get yours here. 
Also, if you do decide to get a card reader make sure you have a visible sign on your stall telling people you accept cards! {They'll be grateful for it, I promise}
... I would add, we paid extra for WiFi on the day but it was *so* slow we ended up just using the phone's 3G. 

~ Speaking of money : Take plenty of change, if you're there for a weekend remember the banks aren't open Sundays! 


~ Don't take time for granted. We grossly underestimated how long it would take for us to set up our stalls ... SRSLY ... We arrived at 7.30 and were still rushing to get things finished for the 11am opening! Don't rely on being able to get other things done in this time, use your set up time to set up, anything else you manage to fit in after that is a bonus!

~ Pre-plan your stall layout at home before you arrive, try out a few variations of how to display things just incase! It cuts down on set up time and gives you an idea of what and how much you can fit on the table.

~ Think about your table props/display pieces. Building height is a great way to add space to a small table and makes for a more interesting layout. After forking out a ton on stock I tried to spend as little as possible on my display. I made lots of cardboard risers and display boards and used wooden boxes I already owned so my display cost me next to nothing. I also called upon the handy work of my lovely Father to make my phone case stand which got a lot of attention over the weekend - THANKS DAD! ♥

Check out Pinterest for stall inspo, there's so many clever ideas on there but never flat out copy someone's set up/display. Imagine if you happened to be at the same fair and everything looked identical ... CRINGE. 

~ Mix up your display, see what works for you. Rach and I decided to change our displays round a bit on the second day of the fair, and we both noticed a difference in sales as a result. A good difference.

~ Think about your space behind the table too, and how you store extra stock. Clear plastic boxes were ideal for transporting everything and they also made replenishing the stall easier as they were accessible and organised.

~ Make sure you have your business cards out for people to help themselves. Tell people to take a card and let them know you sell online too! ... My shop's been super busy this week with UK orders, coincidence? 

~ Take a notebook (or two!) to record your sales. Try not to scrawl across the pages like I did -- I recommend lined pages for writing down your sales, ours got progressively more messy as the days went on! {lol}
You'll also want to write down the names of contacts you meet/customers names to remember/stockist enquiries etc.


Other useful things to remember are :

~ A camera! We both forgot this so just had to make do with our iPhones!

~ Sustenance! We found it impossible to leave our stalls over the weekend as it was so busy - if you don't have someone helping you on the day who can pop out to get you food and drink, make sure you take refreshments with you : packed lunch, bottles of water, snacks etc etc.

~ Stationery! An extra load of random stationery came in very handy over the weekend. Pens, pencils, blue-tack, rubber bands, bulldog clips, calculator, card, scissors, tape, string ... 

~ Rubbish! No. Don't take rubbish with you. Try to take an extra carrier bag with you for any litter you may generate whilst at your stall, it's best to keep things as tidy as possible. 

~ Hygiene! Since I had a stinking cold I was sure to arm myself with plenty of tissues, drugs and antibacterial hand gel. Also wet wipes, and lipsalve came in very handy too! 


~ Last but not least : Enjoy yourself! One thing which made the event so very wonderful indeed was all the genuinely LOVELY people I met. This included online superstars Sophie from Oh My Clumsy Heart, Jack Spicer Adams, Faye Moorhouse, Kaye Blagvard, Zoe from Ladybird Likes, Cecily Vessey, and Vicky from Vivid Please to name but a few! 
We were especially lucky to be pitched up by our lovely stall neighbours!  From left : Me, Rachel from OH NO Rachio! Bex from Stuffed Nonsense, Katie from Oh Squirrel and Hannah {and yet to be photoshopped in, Stevie} from Yellowstone AB, your enthusiasm, encouragement and general loveliness made the weekend extra awesome. THANKS LOVLIES! 


PS : Be sure to check out the full list of sellers with links to their sites on the Official Renegade Craft Fair website! 

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