Remember me?

2013-08-21 13.50.38.jpg

Huh, what happened to the last few weeks? Apologies for being so quiet recently! Since I arrived back from our little holiday in Winchester I've been wading through a back log of work, orders and emails!  I'm *almost* back on track, but it's about to get a whole lot busier at Hello Harriet HQ!

During our time away something exciting happened ... we found a flat! We planned to look at a few places whilst we were in Winchester, just to get an idea of what was available but low and beheld, the second place we viewed was perfect!  We swiftly put down our deposit and will be moving in three weeks!

I've basically spent a lot of time the last week or so sorting, packing and daydreaming about our new place! We've been well and truly inspired by 'Fill your house for free'  (thanks Daisy for introducing me!) And I have a heap of DIYs planned, so expect some to appear on the blog over the next few weeks/months. Needless to say, I'm very excited.

And if moving wasn't enough to be thinking about, I had the news yesterday I've been accepted by Renegade Craft Fair to sell at their event in London this Novemeber! I cannot tell you how excited/nervous/scared/over the moon I am about this! I'll be sharing a booth with my bestie Rachel, so I'm sure you can expect a Pinterest worthy stall thanks to her styling ideas. What's even more lovely is that a load of my internet chums have bagged themselves stalls too. *Renegade party anyone?*

Now if you'd excuse me ... I best get back to work.