Banana boxes FTW


Look at all my happy box friends!
Just a little heads up to let you know there will be some delays posting orders over the next week or so as THIS Friday 20th I'm moving house ... incase you missed my incessant tweets!

 My last day for posting orders before the move will be Wednesday 18th. I will be leaving the shop open, but please be aware that any orders made after Wednesday lunchtime will not be shipped until around the 26th September. 

 I'll do my very best to get unpacked & set up in my new studio as quickly as possible but please don't get mad if I take a little while to get sorted.

We also have the joy of limited/NO internet access for X amount of days (you'd think in this day and age the internet could be connected up in an instant ... aparently not!) so I might be quiet on the old twitter/blog/replying to emails front.

In the mean time please know that I shall be carrying heavy boxes up and down many flights of stairs, fretting over how to move my succulents safely, crying over the fact we booked the 7am ferry, and stuffing my face with as much take out as possible whilst we can use the excuse : 'everything's in boxes.'


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