Woweee, happy new year everyone! {... am I still allowed to say that this far into January?}

There has been lots of plotting and planning going on at Hello Harriet HQ, we have big plans for 2014! The new year for me always feel like a fresh new start, I like to spend a bit of time re-organising *everything*. Though, I'm a bit too thorough sometimes, so I'm labelling that as an ongoing project so I can actually get on and do things! I do love to have everything 'in place' before commencing work, so I have been getting a little distracted with all the tidying and sorting. However, I'm slowly  trying to get myself into some kind of schedule, I've always been pretty bad at sticking to a regimented plan but I'm determined to bring in some structure to my days. I've actually got dressed today, which is an excellent start. 

A few recent purchases have been motivating me the last few days {some slightly more exciting than others} ...
A new accounts book has encouraged me to get my receipts in order {no more overflowing drawer of hell, thank you!}
I went crazy in the London Graphics Centre the other week with a £50 voucher I won, and treated myself to lots of beautiful new pencils - they've got me itching to do more drawing, so keep an eye out on Instagram for a little project I have planned.
I also splurged on a more extravagant investment which I am *oh so* excited about. Can you guess what it might be?