alpaca that for you ©helloharriet 2014

Even though I love drawing, I often find it hard to find the time to do it. It's always made me feel like a bit of a fraud when I tell people I'm an illustrator, they must imagine me drawing every second of every day ~ but the truth is far from it. Yes, a lot of the time I am literally too busy to pick up a pencil, but the reality is sometimes I'm just too lazy, I make excuses and sometimes I tell myself I can't. 

miaow do you do ©helloharriet 2014

Recently I've been trying to get some extra drawing time in by making the most of the apps on my new iPad mini. I've become pretty attached to this little piece of tech ever since I got it for my Birthday. I use it every day for sorting my Etsy orders, emails, pinning, tweeting, browsing online and practising yoga! So I thought it was about time I gave drawing a little go, and I'm really pleased I did! I've been using the sketchbook express app, which is free {big thumbs up}. The fact it's *right there* means I can't make excuses, so when I settle down of an evening instead of mindlessly scrolling through Instagram or lusting over a thousand things on pinterest, I make sure I spend a little time scribbling down some silly ideas.

I'm actually hoping to get some more screen printing done in the new year so maybe you'll see some inked versions of these illustrations soon! {I'm thinking the alpaca would be brilliant on a tote bag!}

This blog post was brought to you in association with Argos, which is where you can pick up a little iPad mini like mine. As always all thoughts {and drawings} are my own.

iPad drawing image ©helloharriet 2014
Harriet Gray