I have a confession to make; I am AWFUL at emails. The worst. 

No matter how hard I try I just can't seem to manage them like other people do! I have about a week where I stay on top of them, then all of a sudden I get behind, and they get totally out of control leaving me with double {sometimes triple} figures to wade through. It's a problem. If you have magical abilities and know how to stay organised *please* tell me all your secrets.

Today, I think I am on top of things ... though if you're sat there awaiting a reply from me it's probably best to resend* ~ I've emptied out my inbox and have replied to everything. It feels good.

What's extra nice, is when you find GEMS hidden amongst the spam, newsletters, Etsy emails and Paypal notifications, which clog up my inbox daily. In this week's clear out I discovered the loveliest email from one of my darling customers, Mira. She wanted to let me know she was super happy with the bits she bought from the seconds sale and that she'd blogged about her buys ... not only did her email absolutely make my day, I was in awe of her beautiful photos.
You can visit Mira's lovely blog here 


*If you're STILL waiting for a reply from me, you may not have the correct email address ... I recently changed it and my old email {} is now obsolete. Please get in touch through my contact form for my shiny new one.