Gift wrap notebook {DIY}

gift wrap notebook diy.jpg

Did you know it's National Stationery Week? Oh how I love stationery. Where would I be without beautiful pencils, erasers and paper, ey?

When it comes to stationery I am a massive hoarder. Some things are too pretty to use, notebooks especially! I usually end up saving the pretties and using drab plain ones for jotting down my to do lists, notes and ideas, which is silly really. So! Today I've teamed up with some of my fave girls to show you some fun ways to jazz up a boringly plain notebook ... and what's more, at the end of this post there's chance for you to win what we've made! Yays! 

I just so happened to have some of this snazzy kitty gift wrap laying around {ha} so I thought I'd share with you how to cover a notebook. I tend to amass pretty papers, and never use them, but this is the perfect way to make use of them :) you could use any kind of scrap paper, pretty paper bags, even fabric! 

Head on over to Claire, Stacie and Rachel's blogs throughout today to see their step by steps, and enter our giveaway using the Rafflecopter widget below! 

SUPPLIES : You will need a blank/ugly notebook, some cute gift wrap {kitties optional}, scissors, glue stick, washi tape and some scrap paper.

Step one : Cut paper so that it is approximately 1 inch larger than your notebook. You can use a ruler to measure this, or if you like the wobbly look, you can wing it like I did ... ehem. 

Step two : Apply a generous helping of glue to the back cover of your notebook. Pop that scrap piece of paper just inside the cover to stop the glue going *everywhere*. Remember to glue along the spine too.

PRO TIP :  Try not to leave any blobs of glue on the cover, you want a fairly even spread. 

Step Three : Place your notebook glue-side-down in place on the gift wrap. Reposition til you're happy with the placement then turn the book over and give it a good smoothing out with your hands.  


Step Four : Repeat step three, but this time to the front cover of the notebook. Make sure you remove any creases and that the paper is flat against the notebook and is in it's correct position before giving it all a good smoothing over. 


Step Five : Open out your notebook to its centrefold. Using your scissors make cuts to each corner of the gift wrap, and also above and below the spine, leaving you with six 'flaps'. This will help to reduce bulk and make things neater during the next steps ... 

Step Six :  Lay some scrap paper down and glue the 'flaps' you have just cut. One by one. Turn each flap over onto the inside of the notebook cover. Repeat this for each of the six flaps you made. 


Step Seven : To ensure these glued bits stay put, use your nicest washi tape along each edge, on both the front and back covers.


Step Eight : Close your notebook and admire your handy work! 

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