Screen printing at Badger Press

Screen printing image©helloharriet2014

I've been hanging out at Badger Press a lot recently, screen printing some more neon kitties! 

I don't know what comes over me when I screen print, but I always end up using the brightest colours. I am slowly trying to introduce some colour in to my work, and because I'm not used to using it much I can be *very* indecisive ... so in the end I just think ~
w h a t  t h e  h e l l !

screen printing ©helloharriet2014

It's a fun way to experiment, anyway! The technique and end result are quite a bit different to my usual style of illustration but I'm pretty pleased with how these turned out. If there's one thing I'm slowly learning it's that working outside your comfort zone often throws up interesting outcomes {that you probably wouldn't have experienced if you'd have stayed 'safe'}. If you're ever stuck in a creative rut I'd really recommend trying out a new technique or creating something using an entirely different process to what you're used to. Use the happy accidents and enjoy the process. 

These kitties {along with a whole bunch of original hand pulled prints from other awesome artists} will be for sale at Camp Bestival at the end of this month from Badger Press' stall, where you will also have chance to try your hand at letterpress printing with workshops running throughout the day ... I had a go at some letterpress yesterday and made some super SRS prints {lol}.


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