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Happy Bank Holiday Monday! Today we're talking suppliers; I get inundated with emails, tweets and comments asking where I get this & that printed and who my suppliers are ... now, as much as I love supporting other independent sellers & helping where I can, it doesn't seem logical for me to give out the precise details of every supplier I've spent {literally} months sourcing to anyone and everyone who asks. Not only could this potentially take business away from my shop in the form of rival products, but also the suppliers that suit me, might not be best for you. So here are my top 5 tips on how find your own.

1. Look local ~ The *best* printer I've ever found {in quality AND price} was a tiny local copy shop just down the road from my parents house. How handy! 
2. Google is your friend ~ honestly. Who even asks other humans anything nowadays? G o o g l e  i t. 
3. Get samples ~ Many places will send out free {or very low cost} samples of their products. This way you can check out the quality before forking out.
4. Test the market ~ Use said samples to share across your social media to gauge your next step. You don't want to waste your time {and money} finding a supplier for a product your customers don't even want ...
5. Negotiate ~ Explain your situation. Many small businesses can't afford to buy in bulk so ask if they are willing to work with you at a special price / on a made to order basis / with lower quantity orders.

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