SRS BZNZ : 10 Tips on packing orders

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Whether it be for Etsy, NOTHS or Wholesale orders, I spend a lot of my time each day packing things, for this reason it's important I be as efficient as possible. Here are a useful few tricks I've picked up along the way...

~ Use a label maker, it cuts addressing time in half {and makes things much neater!} 
~ Pack items in sets of ten, that way if you miss something it'll be easier to find.
~ Keep your packing area tidy and supplies organised.
~ Utilise rubber stamps! I had some made with my return address, my website and social media info and now I must resist the urge to stamp e v e r y t h i n g. 
~ Buy your packaging supplies in bulk, to ensure everything you need is readily available {and it saves you some pennies too}. 
~ Pop a length of tape sticky-side-up on your desk to contain those annoying static-ey strips from cello bags. Stick as you go! 
~ Dont rush! Rushing makes things go wrong, fact. 
~ Count, count & count again {the amount of items on the invoice, the items in front of you, & the products you've packed}.
~ Use this bulk certificate of posting, to make friends with the staff at your post office 
~ Join Drop & Go to save time queuing.

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