The Blogcademy {what I learnt}

I've had a few weeks to reflect on everything I learnt at The Blogcademy ~ I still don't think I've digested it all quite yet, but I thought it was about time I peiced together a little round up whilst it's still kinda fresh! 

Needless to say the weekend covered *everything* you could possibly want/need to know about blogging and I took pages and pages of notes, though I've realised from people asking IRL, I can't quite put in to words exactly what I learnt.
Well, yes, ok, we learnt about how to make killer content, how to build our brands & how to take the perfect selfie {all super important obvs.} but what I mean is I feel like I've taken away so much more from the weekend than just 'how to be a better blogger'.
Essentially what I'm trying to say is that I feel like I've gained a whole new perspective, & not just towards blogging.

It says something that this is first time I have ever been brimming with ideas for blog posts. EVER. I've always found it kind of difficult to think of content, I always assumed I should only post about my drawings or new products because, well, I'm an illustrator who runs a shop, so what else would I post about, duh! But it turns out that's not all that exciting in the blogging world. The Blogcademy made me realise this blog can be whatever I want it to be! Sounds pretty obvious when I put it like that, but I kind of had a revelation right there! 
So, like a good student I've spent the last few weeks thinking about what I actually want, for my blog, my business and my life in general! Attending The Blogcademy has definitely given me a much needed kick up the ass to actually put some plans in to action to make sure I get there.

If you're considering attending The Blogcademy, DO IT! It's worth it if only to experience the infectious positivity that grows from being in a room full of like minded blogger babes! 

  All photos in this post were taken by the oh so awesome Holly Booth, photographer extraordinaire! 

All photos in this post were taken by the oh so awesome Holly Booth, photographer extraordinaire! 

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