Lush {Giveaway}

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I was lucky enough to be invited along to Southampton Lush's first ever blogger event the other week, since I'm not a beauty blogger I felt a bit naughty attending but I quickly got over my guilt and RSVP'd yes!
We were welcomed with a delicious spread of vegan cupcakes, strawberries, popcorn and champagne, and were totally pampered throughout the evening. A big thank you to Lush for having me! 

Lush blogger event image ©ohnorachio

First up we got to try out the massage bars ... ummm. Only on each other's arms, don't get carried away {that was most definitely an ice breaker!} Next we were treated to personal consultations for the Emotional Brilliance make up range. I was really excited to try this out, not only for the dry ice. The colours are all incredible and seem really versatile {the lip tint is going on my Christmas list for sure!} Rachel tested some of the glitter liquid liners which looked really pretty.

Lush emotional brilliance image ©ohnorachio

Some of the Lush guys then demonstrated how their incredible face masks are made, whilst I demonstrated extreme will power not to lick the bowls ~ it looked *just* like cake mixture. 
One thing Lush never fails on, is creating absolutely beautiful, edible looking products with utterly delicious aromas! I found myself looking like a complete weirdo casually smelling myself whilst waiting for my train home. Queue concerned looks from passers by. 


I decided to buy myself a couple of bits whilst I was there {as I don't actually get over to Southampton as often as I'd like}. I was really intrigued by Lush's dry shampoo, it comes in powder form and has a pleasant scent, I'm still deciding if I can get on with the application, but it seems like it's good value for money and it certainly de-greases my locks.

I also picked up some more packs of my favouritist Lush product ever! It's one some people find kind of odd ~ solid toothpaste! .. Or Toothy Tabs to use their official title. For those of you who've not heard of them, they're small white pills you crunch between your teeth before brushing as a substitute for toothpaste. The taste can take a little getting used to but I actually prefer them to normal toothpaste, and I'm *convinced* my teeth are whiter since using them. I love that they save water and that their packaging is recyclable; a cardboard box instead of a plastic tube, but probably the thing I love most about them is that they actually de-stress my life ~ no more nagging Luke for leaving the cap off the tube ... ehem. 

The Lush guys packed us each an extremely generous goodie bag that they handed us at the end of the evening. They included *lots* of lovely treats which I have been avidly testing out since the event {I'll spare you the photographic evidence}. It's been a nice excuse to fit in some pamper sessions and pink bubble baths during what's been a super busy few weeks! 

Hiding inside my goodie bag was also a special gift for YOU! I don't know what's nestling inside this cute {and reusable} cloth wrap, but everyone loves surprises, right? 



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