{GROW} Babies update


Today I thought it would be nice to catch up with the little babies that have been happily growing on my windowsill for 4 weeks now. As you can see, all the leaves I plucked off the mamma succulent have sprouted their own roots and have even started growing their own new teeny tiny leaves! Just so you know, I've not been avidly watering these, I've only been spraying as and when I remembered {maybe once or twice a week at the very most} ... I would usually recommend spraying more often but I guess this is proof they really can survive on neglect!


I've been pretty lucky that all of the babies from this propagating session have developed so superbly, there are usually losses where some leaves decide to shrivel and die, but these ones have all been very well behaved. 


I also kept one of the beheaded cuttings aside as I thought it would be interesting to show the root progress ... This one hasn't been watered at all since being cut, so it's thrown out roots all over the place to grab as much moisture as it can. It's also started to use some of the nutrients stored in the lower leaves, which have shrivelled as a result. The top leaves are all perfectly happy though ~ showing again how resilient these bad boys are! Don't worry though I'm going to plant him up today. 


And remember those stumps we left looking all sad and pathetic? They've been doing their own thing too. I continued watering these like normal {it's been quite sunny recently so I've watered about once a week}. There are several areas of new growth going right up the stems, which is all very exciting indeed ... I think Mr Alpaca is pretty pleased with their progress too! 

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