cat drawings ©helloharriet2014

Recently I’ve been enjoying a charming little of series of posts entitled 'Blog Hop'. Each week two chosen bloggers are nominated to answer a small Q&A and at the end of their posts, nominate two of their favourite bloggers to follow on the chain next week. It’s a sweet way to learn a little bit more about your favourite bloggers and to find some new ones too! Some posts I’ve particularly enjoyed in this series were by Vicky from The Owl & The accordion, Clare at Full Time Fiesta and Rachel of Oh No Rachio! fame ~ who very kindly chose moi as one of her faves! n'aww. 

1. What have been the doings/makings/scribblings at your desk this week?
This week has been quite hectic and I haven't actually been at my desk very much at all! *sadface*
I’m off on a little holiday tomorrow morning so I’ve been busy packing my case and tying up loose ends, writing lots of lists, scheduling blog posts, setting my shops to holiday mode as well as trying to squeeze in some drawing time whilst packing orders and replying to emaisl! eak! Thankfully every week isn't usually this full on! I've been working on some new illustrations {cats, of course} & though it’s taking a little longer than planned there will soon be some new things gracing the virtual shelves of the Hello Harriet store, but you'll hear more on that soon enough!
Something else I've been working on recently is, well, me! It's my birthday *very* soon, and these past few weeks have felt quite significant. I've been making conscious decisions about how I live my life and a few happy coincidences have opened up some lovely little opportunities to help me make some changes and I'm hoping if I can keep it up, I'll look back in a years time and be pretty happy with myself. #watchthisspace

2. Where are you currently finding your inspiration?
l truly believe surrounding yourself with positive people is the most beneficial thing you can do for yourself. If I'm ever at a loss for inspiration I just have to spend a day with one of my creative chums to turn my attitude around. The change of scenery alone can be enough, but seeing other people being super incredible at what they do gets me so inspired! I find their drive and ambition infectious and I always head back to the studio brimming with ideas for my next master plan!

3. How important is being creative to you, and how do you blend this with your work / life / family balance?
Creativity is ingrained in my way of thinking for all aspects of life and I couldn’t imagine being any other way! To be able to make a living from something I love is just amazing, but I'm definitely guilty of taking what I do for granted sometimes. I often forget this isn't a 'normal' job and most of the time I gloss over the sacrifices I've made to get where I am today. I'm incredibly lucky that my partner, Luke totally 'gets' what I do. He's a freelance illustrator so completely understands the stresses and strains that go hand in hand with being creative and running your own business.
We both work together from our home studio {aka our living room, but I justify calling it a studio because it's basically all we use it for!} Our schedules can vary from day to day, and it's because of these things that we're not so good at the elusive work/life balance ... But we're getting to a point now where we feel we can take some more time off, and enjoy our time together instead of just working what feels like 24/7 ... I mentioned I'm off on holiday tomorrow, right?! YIPPEEEE

So here are my recommendations for the blogs you should hop over to next Monday {or right now!} I'm totally going to break all the rules and nominate 3 awesome bloggers, not two. The more the merrier, right? I'm throwing it over to the boys with my choices : 
~ Luke Waller {I couldn’t not really, could I?}  In case I hadn't already mentioned, Luke is a super duper illustrator extraordinaire, who blogs about his work and things he's been up to! 
~ Jack Spicer Adams a smart photographer chap who has a very nice blog, and also regularly vlogs here!  
~ and my third choice is YOU! On the condition that if you take up this offer, you must send me a link so I can have a good nosey!