{GROW} Propagating succulents from leaves

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One of my favouritest things about succulents {along with their ability to withstand neglect} is how crazy easy they are to propagate. This means it's relatively simple to grow your collection with very little effort! One super basic propagation method is from single leaves. It fascinates me how one leaf stores all the energy needed to grow a new baby plant! So very clever indeed.

The best kinds of succulents to use for this kind of propagation are the ones with fat juicy leaves, so Echeveria, Pachyveria, Crassula & Pachyphytum are perfect.
Quite simply, the first step is to remove some leaves from your succulent. You want to make sure you separate them cleanly from the 'trunk'. If the leaf snaps off as you are removing it {as shown below} it's very unlikely it will grow, so there's no point keeping it *sadface*.

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To remove leaves successfully, hold the leaf close to where it meets the trunk of the plant and give it a wiggle. They usually pop off fairly easily, but if needed you can use your fingernail to ease it away from the plant. Try not to twist the leaf too much as this is usually what causes it to snap off, and we don't want that. The leaf on the left below is a good'un, & on the right an unhappy leaf that's no use to us. Hopefully you can see the difference. 

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Leave the leaves {lol} somewhere out of direct sunlight for a few days, before moving them to their new home, I use a very high tech piece of kit for this bit ~ an old tupperware. Classy. Pop some soil in the bottom of said pot, {doesn't need to be much, maybe 1 or 2cm} and then lay out your leaves on top. Place somewhere nice and sunny, and leave them be!
In a week or so you'll notice some teeny tiny super cute roots starting to poke their way through the tips of your cuttings, ensure they don't dry out by spritzing them with water daily {or when you remember}. We'll check back with these babies soon to see how they're getting on! 

GROW how to propagate succulents ©helloharriet.jpg

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