SRS BZNZ : Taking product photos with your furry friend

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This week we look at the super srs task of taking product photographs with the help of your furry friend. We'll be focussing on cats {obvs} but you could apply these tips to any four legged companion. Let's face it, having a delightful kitty/bunny/puppy in your product shots will make your photo 100 times more adorable/pin-able. Here are some some super cute examples in case you still need convincing ... lookn'awwso sweet! Oh and look at this little puggy too!
Sadly, I don't have my own cuddly studio assistant, so I called upon Rachel from Oh No Rachio! and her babe Luna for help with this post.

{Disclaimer : Remember that the animal you're working with is always the highest priority. Please don't do anything to cause them discomfort or stress for the purpose of a photo, that's not nice at all}.

srsbznz hello harriet image ©ohnorachio

~ Utilize treats. Hide them under your product or wave them around behind the camera to get kitties' attention.
~ Always have your products to hand to seize any opportunity {e.g ... whilst napping}
~ Don't let them know what you are doing. Cats are complicated creatures who will sabotage your efforts as soon as they work out what you're up to.
~ Place your product next to a cardboard box. It's science. Cat + box = cat in box.
~ Don't go it alone. Recruit a friend to entertain/distract/hold kitty whilst you take photos.
~ Don't expect to be able to sell the actual products you used for your photo shoot afterwards, they will most likely be mauled & ruined. Maybe keep that one off original away from kitty. 
~ Think about the background. You could create a charming backdrop using your products, then lure kitty into the scene to take some cute shots.
~ If all else fails, photoshop! 

Rachel has a whole load of srs tips on her blog for you to learn how to take super photos, that you should most definitely have a look at. 

srsbznz hello harriet image ©ohnorachio

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