{GROW} Propagating succulents by beheading


Sometimes succulents can grow a bit 'leggy'. This usually happens if they don't get enough bright sunshine falling on them throughout the day, it's their way of stretching out to find a nicer place to grow. Other causes of legginess are old age and clumsy owners. Whatever the reason, you can use this opportunity to duplicate your succulent collection by beheading! 

Chop off the head of the succulent so that you have a good amount of stalk left at the bottom to pot in soil. {You can pull off the leaves from the bottom inch of the cutting if needed & propagate those like we talked about last week!}
Stand* the new cutting out of direct sunlight for 3-4 days, this will give the cut stem time to dry out and will prevent your new baby from rotting when you pop it in it's new pot. 

*don't leave cuttings from beheadings laid down on the side or they will begin to turn upwards & you'll end up with wonky plants. I usually prop mine upright in a small glass jar, to keep them growing straight up. 

When the tip of the stem of your cutting has dried out you can then plant your cutting in a small pot. Feel free to water slightly more than usual in the first few weeks to encourage the roots to grow, but you still want to avoid leaving the soil soaking wet. 

OH, and before I forget ~ Don't throw away your newly beheaded stumps! They will quite happily continue to grow new leaves, usually in multiple places down the stem {just keep in a sunny spot and water as usual}. Hurrah!

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Harriet Gray{GROW}