{GROW} Feeding your succulents


Just a short post today about whether or not to feed your succulents, after Hazel asked for some advice on the topic the other day. Personally I rarely use plant food, however I repot all my succulents fairly regularly, because I can't leave anything alone, but this keeps my babies happy as it helps bring new nutrients to their roots.  
Keeping your succulents well fed will help them grow and flower, and more importantly it can help them fight off pests and diseases. If you're not repotting your plants every year {or week, like me!} you should consider feeding them to keep them happy in the long run. 
If you choose to, only feed during their growing season {usually spring/summer} and don't give too much. A good way to feed your succulents is by half filling the sink with water and adding one or two drops of liquid plant food. {The instructions on the bottle will be for regular house plants, succulents need much less food in comparison so always over dilute to about quarter strength}. Sit your pots in the sink for around half an hour or so, til the top soil is nicely damp. 
If your succulents are planted in pots without drainage holes you will need to dilute the food in a watering can and water onto the top of the soil. As always you should avoid over watering, but also take care not to get the water/food on the leaves as it can sometimes cause damage. 

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Harriet Gray{GROW}