{GROW} Choosing succulents that go together

{GROW} succulents that go together image©helloharriet2014

My absolute most favourite way of arranging succulents is to squish as many as possible into one planter, not only does it look frickin awesome, but succulents love to be cosy ~ so everyone's a winner.

There are *so* many varieties of succulents, I'm not even gonna attempt to list them here. If you're going to be grouping your babes into one pot, it's important you choose plants with similar needs so they can live together in harmony. An easy way to do this is by looking at the leaves.

Generally speaking, succulents with fat chunky leaves live happily alongside other fat chunky-leafed succulents. In my experience, the prettier a succulent is the more temperamental they are & the greater needs they have. To keep them content, group together grey, green, pink and blue plants and take extra care of them, making sure they get the most sun {it will only intensify their colour} and water carefully. Perfect examples are pachyphytum, fenestraria, echeverias, cotyledon and sedum morganianum.
Crassula, senecios and generally the darker green {more normal looking} succulents on the other hand, are more hardy and therefore easier to keep alive and so will be quite content in less bright areas of your home. 

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