SRS BZNZ : Craft Fair prep

SRS BZNZ craft fair prep ©helloharriet2014.jpg

Things are a bit crazy over here at Hello Harriet HQ right now, I'm prepping for many upcoming craft fairs! So, in-between drawing, ordering supplies, and making new products I'm busy deciding how I want my stall to look, and thinking about what/how much I need to take with me. 
This week I am working on :
~ Branding and making sure I get my name 'out there.' We're talking business cards, promo postcards, labelling stock, and signage.
~ Props. Finding things that will look good, display my work well, are easy to assemble & don't take up much room in the car

I will also be : 
~ Pinning nice stalls for inspiration here
~ Taking my own advice from my Renegade round up post 

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Harriet GraySRS BZNZ