On the second day of Christmas HH gave to me ...

In case you didn't get the memo, I'm in London this weekend selling my wares at the first ever Etsy Made Local! For all of you who can't make it over in real life I thought it would be nice to offer you free delivery this weekend! So go ahead and browse as if you were there in person and get your order shipped for free by popping in the code: 


Check out the hashtag #etsymadelocal on Instagram to see what's been going on, and if you're quick you might even still be able to catch my Periscope broadcast from yesterday! {I'll try and do another this weekend so do follow along}. But if you're actually in London you could y'know, just come down to say hello! 

And if you feel like you're missing out on some festive cheer don't forget you can still get your free download of a desktop &/or phone wallpaper from day one and I'll be back next week with plenty more treats and surprises!  


Free shipping code valid this weekend only at helloharriet.com & helloharriet.etsy.com. ENJOY!