{Caturday} DIY kitty nest

crochet kitty-nest-diy ©helloharriet.com 2015.jpg

Being the wonderful cat mum I am, I decided to lovingly crochet a bed for our little cabbage. I don't have my own pattern to share as I took inspiration from this tutorial, since I was lacking the correct yarn I ended up totally winging it :  

I bought a load of normal 2 ply wool and crocheted with 4 threads at a time to ensure it was thick and sturdy, and used single crochet stitch throughout. To make the base I worked round, increasing alternate rows to make a flat circle. For the sides/walls of the nest I worked back and forth leaving a gap for the entrance hole, which I closed when it seemed tall enough, and continued to crochet in a round decreasing alternate rows, or as needed til the nest was complete!  

My version isn't anywhere near as perfect as Hanne's original, not that Meeko seems to mind, but I have since found the correct yarn and am very tempted to make one in every colour!


If you hadn't guessed already I loooove kitty-based DIYs, so if you have any favourites you think I should try, please do send them my way!