{GROW} Succulents for sale!

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As you may or may not know, I am moving house next week ... omg I need to get a move on with my packing ... Being the plant hoarder that I am, my succulent collection has gotten a little out of hand {again} and I am anticipating having less time to care for them with the arrival of my furry bundle of joy, so I thought I would put some up for sale before I move, it will be nice to send them off to some happy new homes. 

If you think you'd like some green babes of your own, but you're unsure how to care for them check out my previous {GROW} posts for some handy tips and pointers.

To make things easier I've grouped selections of different succulents together in to 'lots' labelled A-to-Q {all pictured below, click to enlarge}. Also available are 9 bundles of leaf cuttings, I haven't pictured each individual bundle but you will receive a similar selection to that in the last photo below. 

Each mixed lot of succulents labelled A-to-Q is £10 each, and the leaf bundles are £5 each. All prices include postage to the UK ONLY ~ due to postal restrictions I can't send anything living to those of you elsewhere in the world, sorryyyy.

If you would like to purchase some babes please leave a comment detailing which lot{s} you would like, along with your email address {if you'd prefer not to leave your email address in the comments please leave some other way of contacting you, e.g. Twitter or IG handle so that I can DM you for your details}.

Invoices will be sent by email and payment can be made via debit/credit card or Paypal. Please complete payment within 2 days of being invoiced otherwise your lot will be made available again. If you need longer to pay, just let me know.

If someone else has claimed the lot you'd like, feel free to still leave a comment and if the sale falls through I will be in touch to let you know.

* UPDATE : All lots are currently reserved *

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