Caturday : the cutest bowls in all the land & the simpliest DIY ever

diy feeding mat©helloharriet2015

Being the crazy cat~mum I am, it's only natural I have an unhealthy amount of unnecessary and ridiculous{ly cute} accessories for my fur baby, and I thought it would be fun to share them with you by bringing back Caturday posts! This series will be an excuse for me to indulge in all manner of cat related nonsense, from tips & DIYs, to our favourite products, toys & accessories {as well as giving me the chance to share some of the many photos I take of Meeko on a daily basis} ... I hope you'll enjoy! 

Today I wanted to share with you one of the cutest thing I have ever received in the post. Illustrator extraordinaire, Emma Carlisle painted these food bowls especially for Meeko, and I'm *so* smitten with them. Look, LOOK HOW ADORABLE THEY ARE! Meeko seems to like them too {particularly when they have food in}. 

diy feeding mat©helloharriet2015

I've loved Emma's mischievous illustrations for such a long time {this kitty planter is one of my most prized possessions} so I feel very lucky indeed to have my very own custom piece. She's done such a good job at capturing Meeko's cheeky little cabbage face, I adore the extra paintings around the sides of the bowls too. SQUEE! 

Keep your peepers peeled on Emma's shop as she mentioned she may be able to offer more custom pieces in the not so distant future, and if you can't wait there are of course plenty of kitty related goodies to be had right now! 

diy feeding mat©helloharriet2015

On a semi-related topic, recently I made this little mat for Meeko's food bowls as I was less than thrilled with what I could find in the shops. Why are ALL cat related accessories so garish and covered in paw prints? #lesigh.
I totally forgot to take progress photos for this but honestly it was super simple to make, and took all of 10 seconds ... I just took a piece of acrylic sheet, covered it with marble patterned contact paper and added non slip dots to the underside. et voila!