{DIY} Ikea kallax hack


A slightly different post from me today, I've been working on some super simple home DIYs recently and thought I'd  share a few of them on the blog, starting with this cute little update for Ikea's cat organiser

Since we only have one kitty, and little need to organise her our Kallax unit is used as extra storage in our mini kitchen to house normal things like cookery books and extra bits that don't fit in the cupboards. 
I didn't really like how the unit looked sitting flat on the laminate flooring, and it kind of made any inevitable spills hard to clean up so I decided to add some fancy feet. I'd seen a few of these hacks over on Pinterest but most seemed to link to US suppliers and were a tad expensive for what I had in mind. Thankfully Ebay had the answer and I was able to find some lovely mid century inspired legs, made in the UK at a friendlier price. {The seller was super lovely too, and even fitted the D nuts inside the legs for me, bless!}

You will need : 

~ Ikea Kallax {or vintage expedit}
~ 4 Legs with D nuts fitted
~ 4 Mounted fitting plates
~ 16 Small Screws
~ Ruler & pencil
~ Screwdriver
~ Hammer & nail

First things first, you need to turn the unit upside down {obvs}. Line the fitting plate against the edge of the unit {as shown by the dotted line in the photo}, then measure 1.5cm in from the front side, use your pencil to mark inside the 4 screw holes. 
Next, use your hammer and nail to make some pilot holes for your screws, pop the fitting plate back in place and screw in all 4 screws ... repeat on all corners then screw the legs on to the fittings. Turn the unit back over and adore your handy work. 

Proceed to fill with cats.