{DIY} BFF Kitty Collars


Today I'm sharing a super cute DIY over on OH NO Rachio Like srsly guys, this is probably the cutest DIY ever. 

As a kid I totally loved those wonderfully tacky BFF necklaces, you know the ones. And now that I'm a grown up and the entire cat population is my best friend, I figured it's only right to make some kind of human/animal hybrid. However, my plans for being Meeko's BFF have been foiled thanks to our new arrival at HH HQ. If you hadn't heard, a few weeks ago we welcomed a new fur baby in to our little family ~ his name is Yoshi, and whilst Meeko isn't totally overjoyed with his arrival right now, I'm sure she'll soon see sense and accept him as her BFF {Best Fur Friend!} 

When that happens my next challenge will be getting them to actually wear their collars and model as professionally as Luna & Ruben ...

See the full DIY HERE!