U CAN'T SIT WITH US *antisocial survival kit*

u cant sit with us.jpg

Sometimes you just don’t wanna talk to people and that’s ok. Sometimes people don't get the message and that's THE WORST.
You know the ones, people who don’t know the meaning of personal space, who try to talk to you in lifts and waiting rooms, the type who cough and sneeze loudly with no sign of a tissue. 

Let them know you're not one for small talk by having these vital accessories on your person at all times. 

  • Passive aggressive jewellery - a bit like leaving a note to your annoying housemate on the fridge, our sassy necklaces let people know your inner monologue without you having to utter a word. 
  • Nail polish - Nothing like partaking in a little self care especially in a confined space like a train or study room to make people avoid you and that unpleasant (but not embarrassing) smell. 
  • This perfect tote bag from Heiho - Could it be any more perfect? Extra useful for putting on the seat next to you for ultimate *this seat’s taken* effect. 
  • Headphones - I’m sorry, what? I can’t hear you. 
  • Your house keys - Coz let’s face it, you can’t wait to get home.