3 (Selfish) Reasons You Should Shop Small This Christmas


I don't know about you but when I'm buying gifts I like the experience to be as stress free as possible and I never want to be left with that horrible worry of 'will they like it tho'. Some of the best and, more importantly, most well received presents I've given have been ones I've bought from independent brands and makers. 
We've heard the list of why shopping independent helps the economy, supports the families of makers and doesn't line the pockets of huge fat cat bosses blah blah, which obvs are all great points and very true but I wanted to share some of the (totally selfish) reasons why I will be shopping small this Christmas (and why you should too).


  • It looks like you've made LOADS of effort ... I mean, technically you have. it's not like you just nipped down to Tesco and bought the first thing on the shelf. But makers make it so frickin easy to choose the best, unique, super special gifts which will make your friends and family think you've hunted for days (maybe even weeks) to find. 
    Every maker and their dog has an online shop / website / Instagram just waiting to be found. Search some hashtags from the comfort of your sofa! (Here are some to start you off 1,2,3) There is also an extensive list of independent shops and ethical brands here. And if that's even too much effort you just need to look on Etsy to find literally TONS of incredible gifts. 
    Sometimes us makers even gather together for markets where you can shop IRL from a whole bunch of us at once and make a total day of it, we're making it really easy for you guys. 
    ... And when you find your favourite makers & small brands follow them online and join their mailing lists so you can keep up to date and be ahead of the gift buying game. 
  • You get great service so less stress for you! When you buy from an independent brand or maker they really *really* want you to love that thing you've just bought. (We're v needy and like to know you dig what we make). There's nothing worse than your online purchase arriving, only to be disappointed as it's not quite what you expected. The great thing about shopping small is that you're generally dealing with the actual human being who made/designed that brilliant gift you're about to buy ... not just a customer service rep who's got a script to follow. So if you have a question or aren't sure about something, you can literally just ask them. Crazy right! They'll make, package and send it with care, so no bad surprises or awkward returns for you to deal with. 
  • It means you'll get better gifts in return ... hear me out for a second here. I know this sounds super selfish, but the best thing about Christmas is getting presents (don't lie, we all know it's true). Quite simply the better you give the better you get. Showing your friends and fam your gift giving skills will give them the guilts for gifting you another pair of socks. Got a list of items you're wishing for? Make your own gift guide featuring your fave makers on Pinterest and start dropping those hints!

If you'd like to indulge in some selfish Christmas shopping check out our events page on FB and RSVP or shop online right here!