How to help small businesses with your blog

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Everyone wants something for free. 
I get it. I’m totally the same. Especially nowadays when everyone and their dog is being gifted clothes, gifts and holidays for the promise of a share on Instagram. Umm, I’m ready for my trip to the Maldives, pls? As a small independent biz we love a collab! We don’t have huge media budgets … hell, most of the time there literally is NO budget, which means we generally can't pay to work with bloggers & influencers. When someone offers to promote our products and content for free we are so so grateful. We have been very lucky to work with a small handful of our fave Instababes and are truly thankful for the time and effort they’ve put in to our posts. 

The problem is we get *so* many people emailing us asking for free stuff, it’s just simply not possible for us to collab with everyone, as much as we’d love to. On this note I thought it would be helpful to give you some ideas for easy ways to support your fave indie brands when we sadly have to decline your invite for a collab. 

Share our product photos
Sure, we love to see how you guys style our pieces in your own photos but there’s nothing stopping you from using our photos from our websites or Insta in your blog posts or social media to shout about our brand. Great posts to include these in would be wish lists or gift guides.

RT our tweets
I love twitter. If you follow us you’ll see that in between the memes and RTs we often share tweets with links to our products & lookbooks, invites to our newsletter & events we’ll be going to etc. A lil RT of any of these from you can go a long way, a good twitter feed is all about sharing the love. 

Word of mouth
Okay so obvs your blog & insta posts are one way of reaching loads of people, but have you made sure you let your friends and fam know IRL how much you love that little etsy shop, that indie brand, this cute website? Coz you know they’ll be looking to get you gifts at some point so you if tell them about us you might be unwrapping a little HH treat soon, just sayin. 

Comment on our IG posts
We’re loving the new algorithm as much as you (rolls eyes) we all know the best way to be seen is through genuine engagement and comments. We’ve definitely been taking more time to comment and interact with our fave accounts recently. So instead of just hearting that pic how about you leave a comment too. I’m literally no Insta expert but after 'the great bot scandal of 2017’ I’m pretty sure everyone’s checking their ‘following notifications’ nowadays which is where your followers can see what posts you like & the comments you leave. Leaving a comment on our posts will show up there and means your nosey followers could find our account without you even having to share anything on your own feed. 
Bonus tip - We’re more likely to work with you if we see you interacting with us on the reg, rather than if you send us an email out of the blue asking for free stuff. Gotta get them tactics babe.

Get involved on Facebook
If you’ve bought from us in the past or just really love our website you could leave a review on our FB page, whilst this is no benefit to you I'm just slipping this one in here as we’d like you a whole lot if you did. When small businesses grow their budgets for collabs grow too! 

Visit us at markets
Events and markets are great ~for content~ You could totally make a day out of it, filming stalls and the goings on for Instastories or your vlog. Most markets have workshops you can attend too which are always fun! You might find some new indie faves and these events can’t survive if no one attends. Plus if you end up coming away with a bunch of new stuff (v. likely) hauls make great content too, just sayin. Wins all round! 

Slide in to our DMs
Sometimes it’s just nice to know someone out there likes you and gets what you’re doing. It can be tough running your own biz so when a sweet lil DM pops up in our notifications from someone telling us how much they love our work it can really brighten our day. Little things like this encourage us to keep working and making more stuff. Random acts of kindness yo, that karma will come back round.  

Actually Buying!
Just throwing this one out there coz you probably know the very best way you can support a small business is by buying the products you want to feature in your blog posts. And we’ll love you forever if you do.