The end of Hello Harriet

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Alas, it is true! I have decided to close Hello Harriet. This year hasn't been all that kind to me so I have decided to take a step back from my business to give myself some space to heal. 

Although I've discussed this a little bit over on Instagram I realise not everyone will have seen that, so thought it best to record it here too. I have been struggling for the past year or so (maybe even longer) with depression and in January this year my 12 year relationship with my partner came to an end. In the space of about a week I had to move away from my lovely flat in Bath back to my hometown in the midlands. There have been a lot of changes and a lot of things to get used to. As much as I love running my online shop I have felt totally overwhelmed by it all. My ex was a big inspiration to me setting up my business and we supported each other growing over the years, starting out in the spare bedroom at my parents house I never really expected or planned for this to be my full time job but I was so happy and grateful that that is what it became. As much as I have tried to push past it in the last few months it's become clear to me that Hello Harriet is a huge aspect of my 'old life' and it has been very difficult to move on. It's been heartbreaking to try and work on something which continually reminds me of what I used to have, and so I feel it is best to leave it in the past and move on to something different. When I made the decision to close it felt as though a huge weight of responsibility was lifted so I know I am making the right decision for myself (even though I have procrastinated over making this post because I didn't want to believe it was true).

I guess one thing  I've learnt from all this is that you should never say never, so who knows if I will ever come back to making products again. It is something I really enjoy so maybe in time I will but for now it is time to close this chapter. However I don't want to make any promises so I can't say if any of my products will be available from me again so I wanted to give you all the chance to shop any last items you wanted in my closing down sale ... and if you've missed out on something be sure to check out my stockists page as they have limited qtys of HH goodies on available (while stocks last!) 

I hope this post offers some explanation and I apologise for this being out of the blue for some of you just finding out and probably not very well organised (why start now, ey? haha) but I also want to send out a huge thank you to each and every one of you who have supported me and my little business over the years, and to everyone who has reached out and offered condolences since I announced I was closing HH. From the bottom of my heart I am so so grateful to you. 

Because I don't want to disappear off the face of the earth completely I have set up a new instagram account so if you would like to follow what I'm up to next you can find me at @halfheartedclub  

Peace out x 

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