Best Fur Friends - tips on introducing cats


Guess what?! Today is Yoshi's 3rd Birthday 🎈It'll be a year next month that we welcomed him into our gang, and Meeko had the unpleasant realisation she was no longer an only child.
We adopted Yoshi from a wonderful shelter who rescue mainly pedigree cats and kittens, under the one condition he wasn't an only cat. Thanks to his previous owner he is pretty terrified of humans, and still gets totally freaked by new faces and loud noises. Meeko tho, he totally adored from day one - much to her dismay. She's taken her time but she's starting to like him, in the way a teenager likes her younger, annoying little brother. y'know, coz she has to... 

Nevertheless they get along thanks to these simple steps! 

  • Take it slow, baby
    In case you didn't know cats can be sassy af and won't do what you want them to do. Ever. Whether you decide to stagger their first introduction or just let them 'get on with it' don't try to force a kitty friendship, coz ain't gonna happen. Listen to your cats and decide what introduction method would suit them best. 
  • Gimme some space
    Make sure both kitties have plenty of space to themselves so they don't feel the need to fight over resources. Give them lots of places to hide, climb up high & lots of toys. Also make sure they have their own food bowls & litter trays. 
  • Break it up
    Move round some of your furniture to disturb kitty no.1's territory a little. It will help make her feel less possessive and will allow kitty no.2 to claim some space of his own. 
  • Nothing to see here
    Like we know you're super excited and a bit nervous, but try to act normal - would you be relaxed if your parents were pacing round the room staring at you the first time you met someone new? Probs not.
  • Natural Highs
    Pheromone it up with some Feliway plugins for naturally laid back kitties. 
  • Reward the good behaviour and try to ignore the bad
    It's totally normal to expect the odd hiss or even a few swipes, and of course step in if things get out of hand. Try not to shout, chase away or scare the cats if they fight, it will only make them relate those bad feelings with each other. In the same vein, go OTT with the rewards when you see them being lovely together. Treats, toys, fusses, you name  it! Meeko & Yoshi have learnt they'll get an abundance of treats if they touch noses. Wins all round! 

Have you successfully introduced a new fur bae into your home? Was there anything you did that eased the process for all involved? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting us 🐱💖🐱