How to keep house cats cool in hot weather

keeping cats cool ©helloharriet2015

wowwww it’s nice and warm here in the UK right now isn’t it … maybe a little too warm!? Whilst I’ve been taking full advantage of sundresses, ice creams and picnics at the park I’ve been feeling more than a little sorry for my bundles of fluff sweating it out at home. 

We’re not great at coping with these unexpected heatwaves ourselves, so I can only imagine how awful it must be for our poor cats. Being house cats I feel extra bad for them not being able to lounge outside in the shade and enjoy a nice breeze, so it’s up to me to try and make them as comfortable as possible in the heat. 

Here’s how we’ve been making the hot weather a little more bearable for them. 

Save Play Time For Later.
Would you want to exercise in the blazing sun? nah thanks. Postpone your play sessions til the sun’s gone down to prevent your kitty getting overheated from running around in the heat of the day.

Open Those Windows.
Flat cats window covers have the answer here. If you excuse their retro website these guys make great screens for your windows that allow you to open your windows without worrying your cat will make a break for it! They let the cool air in, keep the bugs out and keep your kitties safe. 

Cool Mats
These clever things stay cool and get cooler the more you stand, sit or lie on them. Tho I must admit I have been using these myself more than the cats. Another alternative is to fill a hot water bottle with cold water and pop it under their fave bed to help turn the temperature down a little. 

Ice Ice Baby
Obviously it goes without saying that you must make sure there is plenty of fresh water available at all times but on hot days you can make it a little more fancy by adding some ice cubes. Meeko & Yoshi are thoroughly confused by ice. They're mesmerised when we put ice cubes in their water fountain and enjoy having a little play with them whilst they melt, with the added bonus of getting a nice cool drink afterwards!
Better yet, make them an ice ball - I’ll be trying this ASAP! 

Eat An Ice Pop
If your fur bae isn't into just plain iced water try freezing some tinned tuna or cat gravy in your ice cube tray instead for some seriously cool treats! 

Close Your Curtains
Sure it’s lovely for you to enjoy the summer sun beaming through your windows all day, but it’s basically turning your home into a mini oven for your fur baes. Close your curtains/blinds especially during the hottest part of the day or when the sun is shining directly through your windows. 

A Cold Shower
Ok not literally - I’m yet to meet a cat who would appreciate that, and neither would I tbh. When it’s getting extra warms give them the next best thing by soaking a flannel in cold water and stroking it over their coats, like this! 

Give them a haircut
I think my two would disown me forever if I attempted this but if you have a very long haired floofer it could help to give them a trim. Speak to your vet for advice if you’re unsure.