An alternative use for christmas cards

I wanted to share with you all something I do with Christmas cards, you know the really nice ones from independent sellers? Yeah those ones. Well, I buy them FOR MYSELF. Yep, when I see beautifully designed, super cute or funny Christmas cards I buy them with absolutely no intention of sending them to my loved ones. Don’t judge me. And before you ask, no, I don’t write festive messages to myself or pretend they’re from a wealth of generous friends with excellent taste. I buy these cards because I have a special use for them. 

It’s become a tradition of mine to treat myself to one or two cards from my favourite makers as a way of marking the start of Christmas, and it pleases me greatly when someone sends me a thoughtful card that I can add to my collection, as I know how important these small purchases are to fellow creatives. 

And what do I do with my little collection, I hear you cry! You’ll find them on my walls and dotted around my home as seasonal artwork!
They look super cute paired with paper chains, or arranged as mini galleries washi-taped to the wall ... and are MUCH nicer than tinsel. 

 Clockwise from top :  Charlotte Farmer ,  Victoria Whincup  &  Katey Jean

They're great for bringing some festive feels into the house, and are usually the first bits I dig out at the start of December as we don't always have time to get our tree straight away. This year I've hung them with gold clips and teamed with foliage and handmade decorations, and let's all take a moment to appreciate our super simple advent calendar! I picked up those sweet little pegs from Tiger, they're perfect for holding chocolate coins or mini gifts along a string. 

I know a lot of people make the judgment that Christmas cards from independent sellers are ‘expensive’ {and I suppose compared to the pack of 150 you can pick up for £1 at the supermarket, they are} but to me they are much more than just a card; they're the hours of hard work, failures and experimentation, the maker's skill and determination and the moment it all came together! If you view them as miniature artworks then you'll see you're getting a real bargain, especially if you buy them for yourself as you get to enjoy them year after year ... that's why I love to fill my walls with festive art over Christmas. 

And just in case you were wanting to join in with my tradition here are a few Christmas cards I'm loving right now. Clockwise from top left : Annie Pancake, Hello Harriet, Junk & GlitterNikki Miles, Dick Vincent, Oh No Rachio, Fiona Purves & centre : Stacie Swift

christmas cards as seasonal art
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