Top 9 First Rate Floofers You Need To Follow On Instagram


As you know we're all about the cutes at HH, and our Instagram following list is no exception.
There is nothing that give us the feels more than seeing so many fur babies pop up on our timeline, and double tapping them all of course. Pet accounts are the ultimate declaration of how much you love your lil fur bae. A dedication to their precious face, a celebration of their unique character and let's face it, a gift to us all. 

Here are our top 9 favourite floofers on Instagram that you need to go and follow right now. 



LOOK AT HIS HEAD! Rescue kitty Stanley is the fur baby of mega babe illustrator and ceramicist Emma Carlisle, and the inspiration behind many of her creations ... can u blame her? Follow him for daily updates on his naps and the occasional appearance of his BSH sister #rubythechocolatepig



So smol. One of our new faves, Gimli is a very good boy. He's been a little bit poorly recently but we hear he's feeling much better now.  Sometimes seen with his cat sister, Rose who is also very cute. Would like to pet them both. 



FLOOF! Yoshi is an instagram baby, shiny and new and literally the cutest pupper we've seen! Pomeranian / Chihuahua mix seems like the perfect combination if you ask me. We can't wait to see more of this little lady and watch her grow up ... but not too much pls. 



 IS THIS REAL LIFE? A prime example of a 1st rate floofer, likes to steal your seat, coat of dreams. What more do you need? 



Our new Best Bae, you might recognise Ryo from our latest lookbook. This 3 year old Shibe from London is our new fave Doge. Very selfie. Much hashtag. So wow. 



I CAN'T EVEN. nope. Nood the dude. Come ON! What a name, lives with blogger mom Jojotastic in a v. stylish home. Often has cute friends. Follow for hilariously short legs.



Meeko's doppelg√§nger and the sassiest BSH we know, Margot Makes her emotions known and is the epitome of 'Can U Not'. Also has a Twitter. 



UGH. So cute. 12/10 for squishiness and neck rolls, this lil meatball is livin the pug life in Madrid. Enjoys eating shoes and following his mum around. 



Not one but THREE fur babes right here : Mainly pics of Barneby the Frenchie but often features his ridiculously fluffy Chow siblings, Tofur & Molly for floof and squish combined. We would like apply to join their gang. 

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