Hello 2016!

Ohh don't you just love a shiny new year, so many possibilities ahead!

So what can you expect from Hello Harriet in 2016? Well, I'm upping my product game this year! Expect to see lots of new additions and more seasonal items making their way to the virtual shelves. I've got tons of cute things planned which I'll share with you soon. 
You'll also find a bunch of free stuff ... I really enjoyed making those free downloads for my mini advent series and want to do more because, FUN. 
Behind the scenes I'll be hunting down new stockists and wholesale contacts, and prepping for my first trade show {eak!} so maybe you'll find HH in a real life store near you! I have some collaborations planned and am generally aiming to be more organised ... hello monthly book-keeping! We're also relocating to Bath, which I'm *super* excited about! Basically, I'm looking forward to all of it and I hope you'll keep popping back to see what I've been up to!

I'd really love to know if there's something you've been pining for from HH that you'd love to see this year ... whether that be new products, blog posts, burning questions you need answered! Be sure to let me know so I can add them to my to do list! 

I'm super excited to get work on a bunch of new products, and with that in mind there's a sale going on in the HH shop right now to help make way for fun new things! 

Shop the sale! 

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