How To Stay Chill Around Doggos


It's happened to us all. You’re walking down the street/getting on a bus/sitting in the park (ok, maybe not in this weather, brr) anyway you’re generally minding your own business when all of a sudden wandering over towards you is your dream bae. 
A perfectly fluffy, happy looking pup. 
Wuuuuut! Omg. 
You feel the chill of excitment rush over you and you try to hold back an over enthusiastic squeal as you start to freak out.

Social expectations have conditioned us to feel awkward for screaming ‘OMG SO CUTE’ the moment we catch sight of a dog but really it’s the only logical reaction. And totally 110% natural. It’s hard to keep your calm in such a emotional situation but we’ve got some steps you can take to hopefully make you look a little less crazy. 

First of all remember to breathe. And smile. You can’t look crazy if you smile. Okay, maybe smile a bit less than that. 

Try not to run directly towards the floofer. It's tempting to sprint full speed ahead, arms spread in the little pupper’s direction but this can be a little intimidating. Watch for traffic if you need to cross the street. 

We all know you’re excited to meet him, but try not to ask 100 questions immediately after each other. Give him time to answer. 

free hugs.jpg

If the opposite happens and you’re totally starstruck (understandable given the situation) try not to be overwhelmed, remember dogs are people too. 
Say hi, ask their human if it's ok to offer to shake their paw and introduce yourself. V important as you wouldn't want to be giving them a frighten by diving right in. Here are some good entry level questions : Who’s a good boy? Why you so cute? Omg look at your ears (technically a compliment, not a question) What’s your name? Remember to wait for a response. 
Speaking to their human is optional, usually just a 'hello' will suffice. Don’t worry they’re used to it. 

Remember to keep breathing. 

If you’ve made it this far and managed to keep your chill, congratulations. You’ve done better than most. Now might be time to offer your hand out to the doggo for a stroke. Don’t be worried about rejection, all dogs love a scratch behind the ear, a pat on the back, a rub on the belly. 

Try not to cry. We know it’s a perfect moment and maybe you won’t ever experience happiness like this again but force yourself to hold back the tears. At least til after they’ve gone. 

Photos taken from our brand new Free Hugs Lookbook. Thank you Ryo & Winston for being such good boys whilst we totally lost our chill.

Photo Credit : Rachel Oates. Models : Ryo, Winston & Chariza. Collars by Lurril. Collar Tags by Hello Harriet

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