Sassy accessories for you (& your fur bae)


TFW your cat hates you. Our latest collection of accessories are inspired by our sassy mascots Meeko & Yoshi. Whilst we like to think they love us, we get the feeling they're secretly whispering behind our backs, so we created some collar tags to express their inner monologues. 

But the fun doesn't end there ... these super shiny pendants double as necklaces for you! So now you can twin with your fave fur bae! or, y'know just wear them yourself if your love is one sided #sadtimes. 

Obvs we had to arrange the *cutest* photoshoot as an excuse to play with as many fluffy kittens as possible. omg. We had such a fun day with Rachel and Pearlescent Cat's gang of British Shorthairs shooting this lookbook - see the full edit here!