3 Terrific Reasons You Should Come To Native Makers!


We’re so super excited to have our first stall at Native Makers next month. Here are three super reasons why you should stop by …

1 - You’ll be supporting the makers themselves! Markets like this are an amazing place to find new favourite designers and emerging talent … and with over 45 stalls you’re gonna find something you love!

2 - It’s free! There aren’t many fun things you can do on a Saturday for free, just sayin. 

3 - You can shop our *brand new* range IRL! omg. We’ve been working away behind the scenes to get our new collection online ASAP (it’s coming super soon, promise!) but you’ll be able to see it in the flesh FIRST at Native Makers! Some of it won’t be released til August so you’re getting a super early preview of all the good stuff!

See you there, yeah?

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